About Marjorie R. Corcoran, CPA: Unveiling Expertise and Commitment

Welcome to the world of Marjorie R. Corcoran, CPA, where individuals experience the blend of financial wisdom and strategic guidance that shapes their paths toward prosperity. Marjorie R. Corcoran is the driving force behind this venture, serving as a trusted companion on the journey through the intricate realm of finance. With a wealth of expertise and unwavering commitment, Marjorie is excited to assist in making the most of financial endeavors. The journey into the financial world for Marjorie began with a tiny seed planted by her father, a business owner. Recognizing the power of an accounting degree, he encouraged her to embark on a path of learning. This foresight led to invaluable insights, providing clarity to areas of his business that needed an external perspective. Although not an employee, Marjorie often found herself helping tackle complex business challenges and defending his company in a complex IRS audit matter. Venturing beyond the boundaries of family, Marjorie discovered a world filled with people seeking guidance. Business owners and individuals approached her with various questions, from assessing a business value to contemplating acquisitions, analyzing profits, understanding the financial aspects of joint ventures, to navigating the complexities of financial matters related to divorce. Each interaction underscored the importance of impartial expertise to make informed decisions during pivotal life events.
Over time, the evolving needs of the people shaped the direction of Marjorie’s practice. It became clear that the fields of business and forensic accounting held tremendous potential to empower those in need of clarity. Driven by the commitment to client’s well-being. Marjorie dedicated herself to meeting the educational requirements necessary to address these expanding needs. In 1982, Marjorie laid the foundation for Marjorie R. Corcoran CPA, inspired by her father’s wisdom and her own journey of learning and experience. Her practice evolved into a haven for comprehensive financial solutions, including tax consultation, accounting services, and expert witness services. In 1996, Marjorie obtained certification as a Certified Valuation Analyst (CVA). This credential enables her to provide business owners or partners the knowledge of the value of their business. It also enables her to provide guidance in dissolving or dividing a business, advice on financial matters in the event of a lawsuit, and input in generational wealth succession matters. In 2011, the pursuit of a broader financial understanding led Marjorie to become a Master Analyst in Financial Forensics (MAFF). This specialized accounting credential certifies her expertise in identifying financial matters that need further investigation. Misappropriation of assets, potential employee theft, undisclosed financial transactions are only a few of the many areas were analytical analysis are used to determine full disclosure of facts. In 2012, to enhance proficiency further, Marjorie attained the certification of Accredited of Business Appraisal Review (ABAR). The ABAR skills helps to provide an understanding of why various business valuations differ, and if appropriate valuation theory was used in determining a business valuation. This credential empowers her to bridge the gap between various business valuation methodologies, promoting clarity in complex assessments. In 2021, Marjorie embarked on a new chapter by relocating to North Carolina, after selling her practice in Louisiana. She continues to provide specialized services in business valuation, forensic accounting and IRS representation in tax matters. Marjorie R. Corcoran, CPA firmly believes that financial insight serves as a catalyst for growth. The commitment is to equip individuals with the knowledge and understanding necessary to navigate the financial landscape with confidence. Thank you for considering Marjorie as a partner in this journey. Together, we can work to navigate the intricacies of finance, turning challenges into opportunities, and transforming numbers into success stories.
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